In memory of all the women I've know who have suffered. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, you now go into the history books, in standing for freedom from dark corners of secrets kept, in seeking a simple thing to share; truth.

You are there, just as surely as Rosa Parks that day on the bus, all those many years ago could feel her heart pounding in her chest, pounding with truth to be done.

She knew a truth just as you knew a truth, hidden deep in the recesses of your “Hippo-campus”; a truth which would not die, a truth that laughed at you, teased and tormented you throughout all these many years.

You are the heroine of women today and, although you did not seek it, you have now become the standard bearer for millions of women who bear your suffering. I, along with many, applaud your courage in overcoming the fear of even more renunciation and outcasting.

Welcome to the history books of truths to be told.