Your Nov. 18 editorial "Is Virginia really blue?"

highlights how the recent election results spell out a trend for the Republican Party: the suburbs are burning.

This is a fire we have seen slowly materializing before our eyes.

Middle America’s historically bellwether seats in Hamilton County, Indiana and St. Louis County, Missouri shifted blue for the first time in decades. While Republicans managed to hang on down ballot, Kentucky’s gubernatorial was an unmitigated disaster.

After the election, Virginia’s historically purple state now burns bright blue. A blue wave also flooded suburban Pennsylvania. Why the suburban backlash? Put simply, the Republican Party no longer knows the suburban voter.

The Women2Women Conversations Tour was born years ago in response to this impending crisis.

Healthcare is the number one concern of suburban women, and issues like equal pay and paid childcare continue to outrank more topline news like immigration and the environment.

Perhaps even more telling is that the majority of the suburban women we talked to value honesty and collaboration in their leaders.

This is an abrupt clarion call to the GOP: stop fighting and start fixing.


Founder, Women2Women Conversations Tour

President and CEO, Republican Main Street Partnership.


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