Mitch McConnell has prepared us well for the next blue wave. Will it deliver America from another four years of Donald Trump and his Republican Party?

McConnell engineered the failure of the Republican Senate's refusal to complete Trump's impeachment. We now know that we must not only remove Donald Trump; we must also defeat the current Republicans in the Senate.

America needs for Conservative values to be represented along with moderate Liberals. The great majority of us feel betrayed by McConnell and our current Republican Senators. The true Conservatives have been systematically excised from the GOP. It is time to start over.

Consider just two of his transgressions: (1) Our mortal enemy Russia's Dictator Vladimir Putin, who is determined to undercut all of the world's democracies. We are no exception. As we know, Donald Trump assumes that he was elected to be our dictator. He plans to hold power indefinitely. Putin runs a media blitz that has been quite effective in spreading lies about the Democrats.

Both parties have become alarmed at the effectiveness of those lies. Bipartisan legislation to stop Russia's interference was sent to Moscow Mitch. But Mitch refused to let Congress consider it. It would certainly have passed. Mitch joked about Congress's efforts. He reminded Congress that Putin's interference on behalf of Donald Trump was welcome.

(2) McConnell's second form of treason was his part in the Senate's “acquittal” of Trump's impeachment. Every Senator took an oath to be impartial in their deliberations of the evidence. Again McConnell let it be known that the Republican Senators would make no attempt to be impartial. The “trial” was a sham; another one of McConnell's jokes.

So the battle lines are drawn. Surely most Americans now realize that our “Republican representatives” are owned by Donald Trump and the rest of the One Percent. They have essentially destroyed our democracy. We must respond.



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