From time to time I read letters to the editor proclaiming that your newspaper is “liberal.” But some of my liberal friends insist that the opposite is the case. If someone wants to know exactly how “conservative” or “liberal” The Roanoke Times is, please read the daily editorial. This piece appears to be equally critical of Republicans and Democrats. Furthermore The Roanoke Times justifies their statements with serious research and hard facts (not the “alternate facts” or how the radical arm of both sides believes the facts should be).

More often I read letters to the effect “how could you print such a thing!?” because it offends their conservative or liberal sensibilities. In our constitution we are guaranteed the right to a free press and the right to free speech. A responsible news service honors its readership the right to free speech and because both sides seem to be outraged by what The Roanoke Times prints one can only conclude that they have managed to achieve a balance that some other newspapers should envy.



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