Virginia politicians propose severe restrictions to the Bill of Rights. That should be the headline on page one of The Roanoke Times tomorrow morning. It should be the lead story in every paper in the state and the opening story on every newscast.

The Democrats in Virginia have pre-filed bills in the General Assembly that propose draconian restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms and with it a direct assault on the second amendment. The bills would outlaw entire classes of firearms, end due process through Red Flag laws and make felons of thousands of Virginians.

Many of these politicians claim the second amendment is not absolute and therefore can be severely restricted. They claim those of us who honor our right to keep and bear arms are "second amendment extremists." Think about what they are saying for a moment then apply it to our other constitutional rights. Let's take the same rational and apply it to the first amendment. It would sound something like this, "the first amendment is not absolute, therefore, we can outlaw entire classes of speech, we can even take all your speech until we determine if you might misuse it."

Now let's apply that to religion, "the right to worship as you please is not absolute, therefore, we can outlaw entire classes of religion we find objectionable."

What about the right to assemble "this is not absolute, large crowds are dangerous, and should not be allowed, therefore we propose a ten person limit."

When we apply this logic to the entire Bill of Rights who sounds extreme? Virginians, we face the greatest threat of our generation. If these authoritarians can take our second amendment rights they can take all our rights. Virginians who love the right to keep and bear arms, the right to worship the God of their choice, the right to speak their minds, the right to assemble and the right to be free men and women have to stand united against this despotic threat and we have to win. Virginia, the cradle of liberty, the country is watching us.



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