Re: Dan Casey article of September 8, "Seniors save big on drug expenses,"

Thank you Dan for your recent article on the Medicare annual enrollment period and the resources that are available to seniors for assistance in making plan decisions. You made a good point in encouraging younger family members to make sure Medicare eligible parents, grandparents, etc. review their plan each year. That’s right, every year!

As a member of the Southwest Virginia Association of Health Underwriters, and a licensed Life and Health Agent I see many seniors throughout the year and provide education to them on Medicare and Medicare Plan decisions. I always emphasis the importance of an annual review of benefits. Formularies (list of covered drugs), premiums and deductibles can change each year. The enrollment period is limited to October 15 to December 7 of each year, so it is a short amount of time.

Licensed agents and brokers are a free resource to Medicare beneficiaries to assist with these decisions. Members of the National Association of Health Underwriters have knowledge, expertise and experience in the Medicare arena. Agents belonging to NAHU/VAHU have received additional training and have Medicare resources available to them. There is a Roanoke VAHU Chapter and also a Chapter in the Central Virginia area (Lynchburg/Bedford). The website, can direct you to member agents in your area.

Again, thank you for bringing this topic front and center in time for the Medicare annual enrollment period.




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