"Roanoke takes a hard look at welcome mat," May 22 news story, seems to be based on something of a fallacy in reasoning. In fact, I had to read the article twice to grasp what was wrong with the viewpoint that foreign-born immigrants are not welcome in Roanoke.

The article states that "immigrants made up about 35% of all new population growth in the Roanoke area between 2002 and 2017 . . . while the overall population grew 1.2%, the immigrant population grew 8.6%." Logically, one would think that the Welcome Roanoke Plan would find it more effective to "gather feedback" from the non-immigrants who migrated to Roanoke instead of the immigrants who did.

Could it be that the study should be focused on finding out why non-immigrants apparently feel less welcome in Roanoke than immigrants? Just a thought.



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