I got to know my Commonwealth's Attorney, A.J. Dudley, during my time as a law enforcement officer in Franklin County. Dudley has earned my support for re-election.

Whether I was working on patrol in a marked car, or plain-clothed as an investigator in the narcotics division, I could always contact A.J. to discuss a situation. A.J. didn't seem to really have "normal working hours," because I could call him anytime and he would respond. It didn't matter if it was 3 a.m., A.J. was there for me, and I know the same to be true for other officers. Because A.J. stayed on top of the drug distribution cases I handled, I worked closely with him. A.J. was thorough and interested in the information we had gathered, and used it to the best of his ability to bring drug dealers to justice. I've done this kind of work a long time, and can tell you that some cases are solid, and some less so. A.J. understands this, and he always worked for the best possible outcome.

I have worked with other Commonwealth's Attorneys during my law enforcement career. A.J. Dudley is one of the, if not the, most committed and accessible I've worked with.

Join me in supporting A.J. Dudley to be re-elected Commonwealth's Attorney.



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