For the last 15 ½ years, Brenda Hamilton has served faithfully as the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Roanoke City. Many people are not aware of the many tasks that the Clerk of the Court is responsible to perform.

Brenda Hamilton has overseen many advancements in the ability of the office to better serve the citizens of the City. This has ensured that when they have a need that the office can meet, it is done in a way that exemplifies the best customer service experience possible.

These advancements, often accomplished with limited budget funds, include making all land records searchable online dating back to 1884. Further, by installing devices in our courtrooms for the hearing impaired, they are now able to fully participate in the legal process. With the installation of videoconferencing equipment, hearings can now be held for the accused without having to increase manpower to transport them from detention facilities. Lastly, Brenda Hamilton sought and obtained the necessary qualification to perform weddings for those wishing a civil ceremony after obtaining a marriage license.

With over 800 separate and distinct duties legally required of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, experience and a proven track record greatly benefits those who may have probate questions that they need to have answered. Additionally, land transactions are efficiently recorded, and questions about jury duty or a matter before the court are handled with ease.

Perhaps most important of all the reasons I support Brenda Hamilton for Roanoke City Circuit Court Clerk is the pleasant atmosphere in her office, the friendly and capable staff that work so hard each and every day, and the excellent manner that customers encounter as they are served with a smile and a commitment to meet each task at hand.

Come out on June 11 and exercise your right to vote for your city government leaders and join me in supporting Brenda Hamilton for Roanoke City Circuit Court Clerk.




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