As a 28-year resident of Blacksburg, a retired Montgomery County Public Schools teacher, and the parent of three children who have gone through MCPS, I am casting my vote this November for Sue Kass for District F School Board.

Sue Kass has been an HR director and taught for 11 years with MCPS as well has having had two children go through MCPS. She has a wealth of skills that would benefit the school system.

I appreciate her professionalism and her dedication to students, teachers and parents. She will be a tireless advocate for all students and will work to ensure each child be able to fulfill their potential. Her experience as a public school educator will bring a valuable viewpoint to the school board that is missing at present.

Her thoughtful responses to questions at the League of Women Voters/NAACP Candidate Forum as well as her responses to their questionnaire are examples of the positive impact she will have on the Board. She will be a valuable collaborator but will not just be an echo chamber when doing so would be detrimental to students, teachers or parents.

Decisions made by the school board during this time of growth and flux will have life-long impacts on students, therefore a steady voice is needed. In my view, a vote for Sue Kass will provide that voice.



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