Dan Casey may want to continue furthering political incivility by promoting the candidacy of RoxAnne Christley because she is not dull, frequently pops off without having her facts straight, gets in other peoples faces, calls her associates names, smarts off on the phone and makes incredulous threats if she doesn't get her way ("Roanoke Co. board wouldn’t be dull with Christley on it," June 5 news column).

I would rather promote a civil, polite and respectful to all candidate like David Radford. Casey says he doesn't know David Radford, but I do. I know a man who consistently exhibits the qualities of honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect. He learns about a subject before speaking about it; he doesn't "pop off." He has served Windsor Hills well as a Roanoke County Board Supervisor and well deserves reelection on June 11.

Save the fireworks for July 4th.



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