With all that’s going on with COVID-19 and with all the reporters across the country having been laid off or furloughed, so many news items aren’t getting the attention they deserve and are needed in a well-informed democracy.

All we are really hearing these days are pandemic related items and stimulus check fallacies that are taking place. What we aren’t hearing about is how some renters are being told by landlords information that is different from what is being told to us at the federal level.

We aren’t being told about recent weather events like that of the radar indicated tornado that recently went through Montgomery County. Or how about the fact that Blacksburg transit suspended route buses in Christiansburg, but the go anywhere bus and the two-town trolley still operate.

In regard to the town of Christiansburg, most of us haven’t heard a thing from the mayor’s office or the town council about what they are doing to keep residents safe. Residents in lower income homes, especially those owned by community housing partners, really haven’t given us much information on how they plan to help us and seem to be more concerned about their own bottom line than helping out its residents. Those residents were simply told to inform their landlords or call a number to tell them that we won’t be able to pay.

No information was given to residents about the 120-day moratorium on not allowing evictions. They are a multi-million dollar a year nonprofit. The very least they could do is tell residents that pay even a dollars subsidized rent that rent isn’t owed to helped ease the burden and stop mass homelessness being caused by them.

So many stories aren’t being told that need to be told. I say call or write to your local paper whether it be The Roanoke Times or any paper. Tell them your story, tell them what the public should be aware of, let your story be known!



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