It is beyond my comprehension why tobacco is still on the market, in any form, especially among young adults/children with vaping. OK, I can see Native Americans using it occasionally in ceremonial practice. But aside from that, why smoke tobacco routinely? Tobacco is highly addictive, is a killer in the medium run, and should be banned. There are many, many healing herbs that are good for the body and taste good when smoked rather than harmful. Why this dodge from cigarettes to vaping and who knows what else? Because tobacco is addictive and brings in heavy revenue, the tobacco industry can afford to advertise. So it stays afloat and poisons us over time.

It is time to protest the tobacco industry to provide herbs to smoke that are non-addictive, taste good and that are good for the body. Here are some examples, to be researched further:

Angelica Leaves, Sweet Coltsfoot Leaves, Mint (Spear, Pepper, or Catmint), Mix: Corn Silk/Sumac Berries/Pussytoes, Goldenrod Flowers and Leaves, Sunflower Leaves/Flowers, Meadowsweet Flowers/Leaves, Mullien Leaves, Meadow Aster Flowers and Leaves, Sweet Clover Blossoms and Leaves, Wild Lettuce, Pineapple Weed/Chamomiles. From page 85 of The Lost Books of Merlyn by Douglas Monroe (pipesmoking). Also found on the Internet were Skullcap, Mugwort and Uva-Ursi. There are other online sources for herb smoking that are very good. [Please research all of the above paragraph further for medical safety and consult your doctor before smoking.]

There must be thousands of plants worldwide that fit the description of 'tastes great, non-addictive, good for the body, easy to grow', etc. Let's replace tobacco with herbs that are 'good for us' rather than a 'poison that is bad for us'! It really is that simple. Why don't we just... switch?



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