It is now widely reported that children detained at our southern border are being treated in harsh ways – separated from their parents, denied basic needs, living in overcrowded conditions, rampant illness, insanitary conditions and more. Subjecting children to this treatment is inhumane and counter to the principles of this country. Congress controls the budget of our immigration agencies and has the responsibility of oversight. It cannot be said that congress is powerless to put an end to this. It is time for all of us to call on all of our congressional representatives and demand that these shameful practices be put to an end. The president’s administration is comfortable with this situation and considers it an appropriate treatment of those seeking asylum. They cannot be relied upon for a moral response. All of us have the responsibility to speak up and demand that congress immediately authorize funding and enact legislation to require fair treatment and an appropriate process to review asylum claims. This is achievable, affordable and ethical.

What is going on in this country is reprehensible, counter to every principle on which this country was founded and deeply offensive to anyone with any moral guide. It is especially counter to the principles that those of us of faith share. We must all collectively speak up and demand an end to it. Every congressional representative should make it a priority to do so today.



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