I have strongly disagreed with Governor Ralph Northam on POLICY, like opposing his support of gun control and abortion "rights" especially when it borders on INFANTICIDE, but I have not and will not criticize him about "reopening" the Virginia economy. I have and will continue to CRITICIZE Donald Trump for spreading misinformation and lying to the American people, always, but especially during the coronavirus pandemic briefings which places the lives of my fellow Americans at risk. In Donald Trump's "defense," he cannot help himself but lie, such is the NATURE of a pathological liar, and the end result of what happens when the plurality of people in a majority of states, Virginia, was not one of them, elected a pathological liar as President.

Some are using the coronavirus pandemic to advance their political agenda, but not myself. I stand with Governor Northam on when he chooses to reopen the government. I certainly do not envy him in having to make that decision. For those pushing to reopen the government based on the number of coronavirus deaths, being small in number, I challenge you to ask yourself this question, "Would you be willing to reopen Virginia's economy if YOU would be the next one to die?"

To Governor Northam, I ask you to consider the number of abortion deaths that are occurring in Virginia, during the coronavirus pandemic, as YOU determined that abortion is an "essential service." As a doctor you took the Hippocratic Oath, "First do NO harm." You are honoring that oath in your decision to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, but violate that oath by the state of Virginia sanctioning abortions as an "essential service." I am an engineer, when evaluating a coarse of action, one of the options is always the "Take No Action" option and when it comes to abortion, if no action is taken a child is born or a miscarriage occurs, GOD's decision.




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