Montgomery County residents, make your vote count in the best way in choosing to cast it for Helen St. Clair for Treasurer. Helen St. Clair has worked in and been an integral part of the office and the county for 35 years. She served as the chief deputy of the office for more than 15 of her 35 years. Her wisdom and experience were valuable as she worked alongside the Treasurer and with the staff. She has an unprecedented work ethic and an abundance of knowledge of the day-to-day and long range details of the position. She is dedicated and reliable. Her judgment is impeccable.

I can think of no one better to be Treasurer at this time. The Treasurer's Office is one in which many important decisions are made daily and the county and the residents deserve someone who knows both how to consider the options to those decisions and then to make and act upon them. To vote is a right and a privilege and each of you owes to yourself and your fellow residents to make your vote count the most it possibly can. Please choose Helen St. Clair's name when you step up to the voting area and know that you have contributed to put into the office the best possible choice.



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