I think your readers may also be amazed that Dickenson County’s new consolidated high school, Ridgeview, recently won the state robotics championship and went on to compete nationally as did Southwest Virginia Community College’s robotics team.

Eastside High in Coeburn has won five state titles in acting and St. Paul Elementary School is one of only eight national blue ribbon schools in the state. The middle school there is 3rd in the state in academics.

We are sitting on an IQ gold mine that tech companies could train-to-the- job here, in place, to take care of many tasks remotely for a lower salary and higher retention rates. And if we are not competitive, as some say, how did Grundy’s wrestling team manage to win 22 state titles? Luck?

We have to first convince these companies that Snuffy Smith, Little Abner and the Beverley Hillbillies were caricatures, not mountain mainstream biographies!

We do that through editorials like found in the Roanoke Times and the Richmond Times Dispatch and by providing meaningful tours of our region guided by knowledgeable, passionate leaders.

We are ready to share the secret sauce, our region is not number one in the state in math, science and reading SOLs by accident.



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