At this time of year when we are giving thanks, we need to recognize those persons who have provided services to us during the past year but often go unrecognized. In this regard, we would like to recognize two of your independently contracted carriers - David and Michele Dickerson. For over 13 of the 41 years that we have been subscribers to The Roanoke Times, David and Michele have delivered the newspaper on time seven days a week to our rural address in Montgomery County. Neither rain, nor snow, nor ice, nor fog, nor high winds have deterred these dedicated carriers from doing their job. Other than the few times when publishing problems have delayed delivery, I can count on one hand (with fingers left over) the times that David and Michele have failed to deliver our newspaper on time.

Whenever we need to be out of town, David and Michele have never failed to hold our newspapers and deliver them promptly on the designated day of our return.

David and Michele are truly dedicated and unheralded employees. We wish to propose that they receive an "Employees of the Year Award" for their unwavering and unselfish dedication.



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