Rhonda Seltz is the candidate I will support for the 7th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. She has experience and accomplishment of connecting resources with specific needs. She has personally facilitated access to health care for thousands of persons in Virginia. She will work for balanced representation of all constituents.

Rhonda Seltz is a successful community organizer. Her personal experience and perseverance are valued by citizens at all economic levels. She understands the consequences of good early-childhood education and recognizes the central importance of education to vital communities. She is a forceful advocate for investing in our children to the benefit of the individual and the community.

Rhonda Seltz is motivated to be your delegate and to be your voice. She brings a fresh, energetic voice to our representative democracy. I have come to recognize not only her passion for the welfare of everyone but also that her experience has translated that passion into positive change that improves the welfare of communities.

I am very pleased to have Rhonda Seltz on the ballot as my delegate. She will bring attention and vitality to your voice. To all the constituents in the 7th District, I ask that you learn more about Rhonda Seltz (Facebook: Rhonda Seltz for the 7th District or www.Seltz4Delegate.com) so that you may confidently vote for her on November 5.



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