Half-baked republics lead to democratically elected dictatorships! That is why governance is too important to be left to the votes of the anonymous.

America is brutally ruled by its ruling class, the Attorney "Lawyer-Lobbyist Regime." This happened not because attorneys acted unilaterally but because people themselves cooperated with this "Ruling Class" to achieve such domination.

The one flaw the despotic "Attorney Profession" exploited to achieve such ascension is the voting process is still secret. Not every adult citizen is qualified to pick law-making public servants.That is why voting is not mentioned in the immutable Bill of Rights. Voting is only a civil right (comes from government) and not unalienable. Secrecy in casting ballots should not decide who serves in government.

From 1888 to 1896, nearly all states adopted the concept of secret ballot. It was argued the secret ballot was necessary to root out voter intimidation and bribery. Voter intimidation and bribery have always been against the law. Secret balloting only ensures that many more people not familiar with government's rightful purposes get to choose its officeholders.

The worst thing to fear is fear itself. The transparent system of governance that public ballots enhances and promotes will eventually hold to account anyone who engages in voter intimidation and bribery.



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