Wordsmithing or worse? Virginia Tech will keep losing attendance and long-time supporters. Already has. Even UNC sold out its entire season already, like we used to and we’re announcing single game tickets now available to the public. At least for me and my friends, this constant re-seating, give me more money, didn’t give enough for the parking spot you’ve held for a couple of years, is old and disheartening. Way beyond that actually. Look at what we’ve put on the football field over several years? Not just football but many other sports. The one bright spot, basketball, Buzz Williams, left and all of his recruits for this year went with him or elsewhere. And what do we do? We announce this upping the ante and re-seating after the first losing season in football in over 25 years? Get real, we shouldn’t have to pay more for failure.

Great institution, way wrong focus. Education should be the number one job for this institution, but it’s not. Greed and failure on the athletic side is appalling considering resources committed to it. Growing attendance for the sake of big numbers, being bigger, does not make a great university. You don’t even have places to house incoming students. How you have buried that snafu, lack of planning, just plain not being cognizant or alert. Asleep at the wheel. Such a failure at such an important, large taxpayer funded institution is totally unacceptable. Instead bury it as a good thing; everyone wants to come to Virginia Tech. Unacceptable. In my 40 years in business a surprise like this would have resulted in detailed investigation, changes being made and yes, lots of lulled, sleeping, non-attentive heads would have rolled.

Tech needs to focus on core education, support the peripherals, such as athletics, but not to the detriment of education. Tech’s founders formed Virginia Tech as an educational, agricultural and military training and development college, not a sports conglomerate to focus on developing football, basketball and other athletic competencies for professional sports moguls. Although those endeavors have a place at this university it should not be the driving force behind the institution.



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