Trump has been a defendant in 1,500 lawsuits, including civil rights violations, labor law violations, product fraud breach of contract, six bankruptcies, tax fraud, bank fraud, defamation and accounting fraud. Trump used the courts to bully his fraud victims and competitors over 2,000 times. Currently, Congress, the state of New York, the City of New York, and the state of Maryland are conducting 29 investigations against Trump and his family for obstruction of justice, money laundering and the emoluments clause.

Mueller's investigation of Trump's collusion with Russians took almost two years, 18 attorneys, $30,000, 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments, 13 convictions and four Trump advisors went to prison. American Intelliegence services were tipped off by CIA sources inside the Kremlin to investigate 140 covert meetings with Russian agents and Trump's campaign. The Obama administration warned Trump's campaign of Russian interference. Trump intentionally ignored the warning and accused the Obama administration of treason, spying and an attempted coup.

Mueller's report affirms Trump's inner circle destroyed evidence, encrypted emails and text messages with the Russians. Witnesses who lived outside the United States refused to cooperate with Mueller's investigation. Barr withheld 150 redacted pages of evidence from Congress and deliberately distorted Mueller's report. Barr claims Trump's conspiracy and obstruction of justice can't be prosecuted because he's the president. DOJ guidelines shield Trump from indictment and prosecution but they do not grant him immunity from impeachment and removal from office.

Mueller's report provides solid evidence that Trump committed impeachable offenses that require Congressional action. In other words, a hand-off to Congress to proceed with Trump's impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors. AG Barr's desire for ideological recognition and power disqualify his authority to redact evidence and block Congressional oversite. The Democrats will have to uphold the Constitution and proceed with Trump's impeachment. Republicans will be faced with choosing integrity and patriotism or continue sucking up to the pleasures of corruption and power. If Trump isn't held accountable for his crimes and contempt for the rule of law, America and the Constitution aren't worth defending.......Russia wins.



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