Of course Roanoke Gas Co. is asking for more gas. If you give a gas company a pipeline, they will ask for some gas. If you give them some gas, they will ask for some more with a glass of milk.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline is a business venture, not an energy savior coming to liberate the people of Roanoke. As such, they are trying to sell as much gas as they can. So, because Duke Energy wants to make an extra buck, they sell more gas to local distributors and the citizens of Roanoke are supposed to pay more for energy.

As populations and the demand for energy increases, as does the efficiency for gathering the energy, stabilizing the amount of natural gas needed. Roanoke Gas Co. needs more gas because they are that: a gas company. Tell Roanoke Gas Co. when Roanoke has had enough gas before they ask for more than Roanoke can give.



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