The op-ed “Why 419 plan is a bad idea” by William Skaff which appeared in the Sept. 16 edition of The Roanoke Times should be required reading for every citizen of voting age in Roanoke County. All one has to do is look at Routes 220 South and 460 East and see what the county has in mind for our future. In just a few short years both of these major arteries have become bottlenecks during the morning and evening rush hours.

Unimpeded growth without adequate planning and thoughtful traffic control seems to be acceptable to the county’s elected and unelected officials if they can justify it in their quest for a higher tax base.

Mr. Skaff properly admonishes these officials when he states that their intention is clear –“that they wish to transform the county into a predominantly urban area.” He is correct in saying that this transformation does not reflect the view or favor of the county’s residents. Certainly the residents of the Clearbrook area in south county were not polled when the county attempted to secure the Board of Supervisor approval to overturn its own earlier village concept and drop a super Walmart in their midst with less than four weeks notice. That aforesaid Village concept had been developed by the county with local citizen input and approval over 10 years earlier. Even after the original developer abandoned the project due to a citizen lawsuit, the county was relentless in its efforts to seek another developer. It succeeded as the project’s Special Use Permit was expiring.

One last quote from Mr. Skaff - ”We choose to live in the county precisely because it is not a city.”



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