So on Saturday, Jan. 12, I was reading the paper and I turned the page and immediately saw the usual one-sided comments and cartoon on the editorial page. I was shocked but I can actually say not that surprised because I'm used to these cartoons usually depicting Trump or a Republican elephant in some unflattering way.

Just like everyone knows that The Roanoke Times and its columnists such as the rabid Dan Casey is a Donald Trump hater or others like Leonard Pitts, everything is because of racism. But the cartoon depicting the teenage activist, Greta Thunberg, with a koala bear hugging her leg and it's fur smoking was just an out right lie!

If anyone gets their news from a reliable and unbiased source, which is hard to find, they would know that the fires were not climate change - they were set by human beings on purpose. I guess my point is that we as consumers of news should not know the opinions of those delivering the news whether it be on television, the newspaper or the internet. All sides should be represented and the news should be factual.



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