Imagine my surprise when I opened my June 14 issue of the Times to see that the real estate section had been relocated to the front page!

Since I've become somewhat accustomed to the daily search for the different sections of the Times I wasn't too surprised; however, on further investigation I discovered that the only house listed for sale belonged to none other than good old Frank Beamer. Now, I certainly have nothing against Frank whom I've met at least twice and found to be as nice a person as you could find; however, if someone at the Times could reveal to me why the sale of his house merited a front page - above the fold - headline I'd be interested in discussing it.

I know. I know - anything remotely connected to Tech instantly commands breathless coverage by the Times, but in the past this attention has usually been associated with academic and sports related issues and not superfluous, mundane topics say, like, houses for sale! My wife and I may be moving in the near future and would appreciate knowing to whom at the Times we can contact to ensure our listing receives front page coverage!



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