In reading comments in various letters and articles recently from a host of terrified 2nd Amendment paranoiacs, I have a few questions.

Have any of them read the bills they are crying about? They seem to be informed by

Are they really so scared of the world that they dare not leave their home without a gun? Ahem, who is the “snowflake” here?

Do they know that they or a loved one are far more likely to be personally injured or killed by that gun than to ever use it in defense?

Finally, do they know how silly they look with a glock on their hip while buying bread and eggs?

It’s sad to know they cannot enjoy life and just live like a normal person. I’d feel pity for them if it were not for the fact that they are so hell-bent against the common sense laws that the rest of us would dearly love to see finally from the General Assembly.



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