A Washington Post article exposed the terrible truth that the Pentagon has misled the American public about the war in Afghanistan for the last 18 years, at a cost of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. Of course, many of those dollars went to so-called "patriotic" defense contractors.

The Pentagon currently employs approximately 600,000 contractors and more American defense contractor employees (3,814) than G.I.s (2,400) have been killed in Afghanistan. All of this activity in Afghanistan comes from an account that has been kept separate from the Defense Budget, which is now at $800 billion plus.

A number of extras bring our current annual expense for wars and militarism over the trillion-dollar mark. Meanwhile, our national debt is now over $22 trillion. For the very first time in history, Congress demanded an audit of the Department of Defense, but that audit failed due to the Pentagon's "stonewalling and concealment."

One study found $21 trillion in "unaccountable adjustments" from 1998 to 2015. And, in the year 2015 the army’s total budget was $122 billion, but the Treasury Department made a cash deposit of $794.8 billion to the army’s account, and the army’s accounts receivable account showed bills due of $929.3 billion. No one in government questioned this. The Pentagon books are systematically cooked to drive the DOD's budgets ever higher, and waste and fraud are concealed.

Our military adventure in Afghanistan has lasted nearly 18 years under 17 different commanding generals. Several of those generals have come home to high-level jobs in government or business. Suicides among both active-duty military personnel and veterans are at epidemic rates. Afghanistan has been left a smoldering pile of rubble, with more than 111,000 dead and the Taliban controlling 70% of the country, far more than when the Americans invaded back in 2001. Makes one wonder what they are teaching at West Point, doesn't it?



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