The letter of May 2 by Julie Markovitz ("Structural racism in Roanoke") makes some rather serious charges against the citizens of Roanoke concerning racism here, but nowhere in her letter does she actually spell out what these evils actually are. She “is dedicated to creating a more equitable Roanoke,” and she hopes “that the planning commission will take these actions and make me proud to be a Roanoker.” What actions? She also claims that “as white people, we are in a terrible pattern of reducing the needs of marginalized people so much that they may seem to not exist at all.” She then even reaches way back in time and brings “slavery” into the mix.

My guess is that most people are just as confused by her letter as I am. If she wants to be effective in helping people, she will need to list the exact problems she is referring to, and then list her exact ideas about how to fix them. Otherwise what she has written is just a bunch of mish-mash, and does not help a single person in any way. Roanoke will need specific examples in order to assist her with her efforts. And, I am most doubtful that she can do this.



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