Democrat hate mongers reached a despicable “low” with the recent mass shootings. They blamed President Trump, calling him a racist and white supremacist. Still they enhanced their lie, by focusing on El Paso and ignoring the Dayton shooter, a deranged liberal supporter of Elizabeth Warren.

It’s absurd to see Democrats politicize every shooting for “gun control,” while disregarding the 24/7 shootings in urban neighborhoods, where Democrats governed for decades. They tolerate these shootings because they believe they have these voters “in their pockets.”

The DNC also allows Socialist/Marxist groups like “Democrat Justice” and “Our Revolution” to pick candidates to run in primaries, when held by Democrat incumbents. It’s an attempt to purge veteran Democrats and put progressives like AOC in Congress. They know nothing, are indoctrinated with anti-Semitic and anti-American rhetoric.

It’s been a tough year for Democrats. They had hoped to impeach Trump with their collusion hoax, but that failed. Now their favorite newspaper, The New York Times, gives them “Project 1619,” which will attempt to brand the U.S. a racist nation, built on slavery, and not so great. Democrats will pander with reparations promises.

Let’s hope Jeffrey Epstein bequeaths his art collection to the DNC. The painting titled “Parsing Bill" belongs in their archives. It shows how much Clinton and Epstein had in common. Unfortunately, those old “rascals” spent a lot of time together, and not always promoting and supporting Democrat causes.

Democrats, perhaps a time for reflection is in order. Forget Trump hatred for a minute. Do you believe a White House, occupied by crooked Hillary and “parsing Bill,” would have better represented American values, than our President?

And people, do you really believe that promiscuous Hollywood elites, and perverts like Harvey Weinstein, Michael Anennati and Jeffrey Epstein care about you? How about other Democrat icons, like billionaire George Soros, who gets his “kicks” from funding thugs, like Antifa, to beat up conservatives.

Please remember, progressives like HRC, AOC and the SQUAD are not like FDR, LBJ or JFK. Not even close.



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