The temperate tone of Dan Casey's Nov. 19 item on Joe Journell's layoff from GE ("Laid off after 62-year stint") makes it all the more scary: Another major corporation is shutting down and moving overseas, where labor is cheaper. It makes me wonder where we're heading, when the holy name of Profit supersedes everything else.

We've elected a slumlord as our President. We're building a wall on the Mexican border to keep out people who are not like us. We keep human beings in cages, separated from their children. We follow the politics of greed, justifying our fear of people who are not like us.

Some of us can remember where that fear led, in Germany in the 1930s depression. I knew a German girl who watched hoodlums attack the local synagogue on Crystal Night--"the night of broken glass"--back in 1938. She was very grateful to come here on a Fulbright scholarship.

So far our economy's prospering, but some bad signs are there. We can't afford our military adventures and our endless wars. We're being hoodwinked into hating people who are not like us. We have a President who said the white supremacists in Charlottesville include some "nice people."

There is nothing "nice" about supporting genocide. All I can do is vote for people who genuinely care about human kindness.



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