This responds to Prof. Doug Cumming's column "Down to the entryway of higher education" (Dec. 2).

Dr. Cumming teaches as an adjunct at Surry Community College, Dobson, N.C. He writes, "This is Trump country. And yet..." He also writes of "what went so wrong in 2016." What does that have to do with learning? Do Trump voters have two heads? Adding this factor to his mix, he betrays his own prejudice. He seems not to grasp that a person's transient political preference does not define the person or their ability but reacts to the respect/disrespect the candidate shows. In 2016 this disrespect meant: (1) HRC did not publicize an agenda, preferring to slander conservatives; (2) She didn't court the Midwest or the South; (3) She dismissed farmers (who are committing suicide per news media); (4) Trumpers felt neglected. Therefore, why shouldn't groups she slandered vote Trump? To them, its very LOGICAL.

Having dismissed the misery of the underpaid and frustrated of America, the professor ironically indulges his own pecuniary grievance! Yes, adjunct professors are unfairly paid trivial wages. Perhaps Dr. Cumming could get a chair as Professor of Irony at What Happened University.



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