Pro-gun extremists make no sense. Consider the following: "People kill people, not guns." If people are the problem, why fight enhanced background checks to keep some people from getting guns? Add to that "People"etc.: actually it is the bullets that kill people. Try throwing a bullet hard enough to actually hurt someone. At best you'll get a small bruise. A good comparison is trying to change a tire without a car jack. Need the tool to complete the task. i.e.: the gun is the tool to propel the bullet. The gun tool allows for distance, sniper positioning and with the semi automatic type weapons to kill and injure multiple people in under seven minutes.

Then there is "A good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun.": If that is the case, why do the extreme gun people support arming the "bad guys?" Gun runners travel the gun show circuit, buying guns from non vendors out of the trunk of cars skipping the "optional" - background check process for non vendors. Virginia and five other states are part of the Southern "Iron Pipeline." Joining other states like Nevada and Indiana making it easy for gun runners to buy guns to resell locally and in other states? Why fight enhanced background check legislation?

Then there is the Second Amendment. It is not a free for all to own whatever you want. If that was the case, I would consider a tank for protection to drive on I-81. SCOTUS has ruled that weapons can be regulated. Machine guns were banned for new sales to the public and there are guidelines and registration for people who already owned them. The "Militias" today are local police and state National Guards. People walking around in camo and pretend military type outfits are not militias which were regulated during the Revolutionary War etc. I am sure we are not at risk for Salem invading Roanoke.

So, pro gun extremists support letting bad guys get guns in spite of what they proclaim as the problem.



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