As we head into the holidays, may the prayer below help to unite families and friends. Three years ago, I wrote the prayer after the election to focus on what connected me with my family and friends who chose to vote for different candidates. Wishing all a peaceful and joyful holiday season.

Together We Will Prayer:

Together We will call upon the spirit of this nation with gratitude.

We seek the Truth.

We’re grateful for the freedom to worship according to our traditions.

Please strengthen us to interact with grace and love.

Protect us from harm and falsehoods.

Empower us to help our community and nation.

We call for an awakening in America to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

May the light of love guide us through any confusion.

May the light of love protect us from fear.

May the light of love heal us from anger.

May the light of love open each heart to living in peace and harmony.

Please unify our people for the well being of our nation.

Make us kind and gentle seekers of truth and justice.

Wake us up!

Remind us to live aware, to redeem the time, to listen and to be willing to make a difference in this land.

We pray for all those in authority to lead our nation with wisdom and discernment. We ask for strong, faithful people to serve this nation and all who reside here.

We pray for a great healing for America.

We need each other now, more than ever before.

Our future is in each others hands.

May we be rich in mercy and full of grace with each other.

Offering forgiveness for all and hope for lessons learned from past mistakes.

We are grateful for the abundance of our nation and for living in the land of opportunity.

Together we will bring honor to our nation by doing all the good we can.

For this we give thanks.

Blessed Be.



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