Referencing our recent state election results - and as expected - it appears that Roanoke city is still overwhelmingly blue, while most of the remaining Roanoke Valley areas and The Roanoke Times’ surrounding southwest Virginia service area are still mostly red.

With this in mind, I note that the Times routinely runs liberal editorials by Esther Cepeda and Leonard Pitts. This is balanced by the thoughts of Cal Thomas and George Will. But Will is increasingly centrist, and obviously anti-Trump. He is no longer the conservative force that he once was, but I appreciate his penchant for writing about baseball! And with both of our predominantly urban crescent-elected senators being liberals, even our elected writers are on the left. Lastly, I do appreciate the other guest opinions from various backgrounds that the Times makes effort to publish rather routinely.

Overall, I sense a lefter leaning slant by the Times, which I don’t believe is representative of your overall readership. Another conservative opinion and/or more national conservative guest opinions are needed for balance.

I ask that The Roanoke Times please consider a rebalancing of your regularly chosen nationally syndicated columnists. I do like to hear from the left, center and right sides of stories by the newspaper opinion writers, as I firmly believe that the printed press is by far more balanced than any of today’s television news choices. Thank you.



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