When I read about the black-outs in New York City and elsewhere around the country, I think of Appalachian Power Company’s great risk in the late 1960s.

Appalachian Power really stuck its neck out in the pioneer days of the 765,000 volt line! APCO was determined to build a 765,000 volt infrastructure.

The fight to get this super power line seemed overwhelming at the beginning. The 138,000 volt was the largest in this area and possibly in most of the USA at this time. The fight over the decision to build a 765 KV infrastructure was tooth and nail. The only reason the environmentalists did not fight with more gusto is the fact that the 200 foot clearance within the 765 KV right of way could only be accomplished by clearing 1,100 feet of Right -of-Way for the 138 KV lines to enable the same electric power! That’s right, 900 feet less clearance of Right-of-Way for the same amount of power! This considers power loss in transportation and all other factors. All of the untrue health and death scares put forth did not stop APCO’s efforts.

They finally got it done, and we the customers are the benefactors of the results. Our outages of electrical services are few and far between and never last long when they occur.

You can look at the huge power facilities at Cloverdale and all over its territory and thank APCO for making our first-class service possible by persevering in the uphill battle that made the 765KV line and infrastructure a reality.



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