E. Duane Howard's letter in The Roanoke Times on Feb. 26 ("Trump didn't mention seniors") regarding our President's State of the Union Address wherein he did not mention what he will do for seniors - in fact, no one does.

Seniors are the most neglected (even by the medical profession), maligned (think 'old codger', 'blue hair',) discriminated against segment of our society today, and no one, except seniors, cares.

The oversight of our nursing homes is poor to non-existent; they are given months to get ready for an audit.

If a 30 year old forgets something they've had a brain fart. If a senior forgets something they have dementia. If a 40 year old has an automobile accident their insurance goes up. If a senior has an automobile accident they lose their license.

I know plenty of 70 to 80 year olds who are perfectly capable of holding down a responsible job. But even as a volunteer the most they can hope for is "welcome to Wal-mart" or "do you want paper or plastic?"

This entire page of this newspaper would not be enough space to list all of the sins/crimes against seniors that I, personally, have witnessed. Yet, they go on. Seniors are the target of scammers and yes, their own families, friends and neighbors who are out to make a buck and what happens when these low lifes are caught? Tsk, tsk, naughty, naughty and "Well, it's too hard to prove because the victim won't testify." You are correct Mr. Howard, Trump didn't mention seniors - No One Does.

All you people out there fighting for immigrants, blacks, drug abusers, child abuse (and neglect), Old Lives Matter too.



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