The recent Second Amendment rally held in Richmond was a wonderfully peaceful event. Concerned citizens expressed their opinions and grievances to their government without incident. Yet the mainstream national media’s reporting of the event made it seem as though the KKK or White Supremacist groups were rallying on the steps of the state capital ready to burn the house down and confront our law enforcement officers stationed around the capitol grounds.

Sure there were some folks in attendance who were arrested, but that was a miniscule minority, while the bulk of attendees were peaceful and respectful during and after the rally; as exemplified by the cleanup of the streets and grounds conducted by some of the Second Amendment rally participants. In comparison, whenever ANTIFA and Occupy Wall Street conducted a protest there was violence, vandalism, intolerance to differing opinions and a general lack of respect towards law enforcement. Yet you never hear the mainstream media identify and hold to account their bad behavior.

When conservatives and patriots have a legitimately approved rally/protest, often the mainstream media portrays these citizens as racist, homophobic and intolerant militia members; nothing could be further from the truth. This double standard is obvious and is reinforced by media and political leaders looking to cause division, stoke fears of racism and promote progressive ideology. As a result, honesty and objectivity in journalism is sorely missing in this country and the targets of such media bias are focused on law-abiding, god-fearing and tax paying conservatives who just want to live their lives with less big government encroaching on their freedoms and liberties.

Hopefully the majority of citizens see this lopsided state of affairs and take action at the ballot box to have their beliefs and opinions taken seriously by this Commonwealth and its elected leaders.





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