I respect and usually find myself in agreement with your editorial commentary; however, in your 3 points on O'Rourke's trip through Virginia (editorial, Sept. 4), I came away feeling that you don't "get" Beto.

You say that he does not present himself as a "thinker" when that is precisely what he is and why he tends to give background and long explanations in responses. His education and training as an English major at Columbia University and later as a writer and amateur historian and philosopher involve deep thought or analysis of issues but do not translate well to soundbites and catch phrases.

Beto is an astute politician also and respected that those Democrats living in deep red, rural Bland County were simply there to meet a presidential candidate and get a feel for the type of person he is, not to get into policy discussions or specifics. He "has plans" as well, on a wide variety of issues but those are available online and this occasion was intended to be a friendly introduction.

I hope you will have time to look over his proposals and perhaps take advantage of a future opportunity to discuss policy and political philosophy with him as he is very open to those exchanges. I believe you will come to see that Beto is far from the shallow lightweight some may expect.



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