Nurses are plentiful in Roanoke. Nurses continue to provide holistic patient-centered care in the area. The profession of nursing is very rewarding, and nurses in Roanoke are always making an impact. Nurses are constantly being challenged and finding ways to better themselves. Nurses stand by their good beliefs and values to fight for patients and continue to encourage and uplift one another.

The nursing atmosphere provided in this area strengthens self-development and critical thinking. Providing high level extraordinary nursing care is at the heart of all nurses in Roanoke. As a nurse myself my goal is to inspire perspective nurses in my local area. To strengthen our network of nurses we must diversify the profession of nursing in Roanoke. The area provides endless educational options to inspiring nurses.

Nurse graduates are given numerous career opportunities and securing jobs prior graduate dates. Nurses are pioneers. As a nurse one can learn and guide the skills of numerous different professions. Working as nurse on a Cardiac Progressive Care Unit/ICU Step-down in Roanoke, I work hard and diligently to ensure the best patient outcomes. My area of expertise includes bedside care for cardiac catheterizations, ablations, pacemakers and titrating critical drips used to control abnormal heart rhythms and chest pain.

The hard work of nurses doesn’t go unnoticed because patient satisfaction is the result and patient safety is the priority achieved.

My vision as a nurse is to provide respectful and holistic nursing care to all patients in my care, despite favorable or unfavorable circumstances. Roanoke nurses use teamwork to overcome adversities as that is the core of nursing. We make a difference in the lives of patients by being non-judgmental and respectful to the people in the Roanoke community. I can guarantee you by joining the nursing profession here in the Roanoke area you will make an impact daily and help our community thrive to its full potential. Nurses run Roanoke so join the run and help save lives right here in your own area.



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