As the Headmaster during Mark Sandy's high school years at North Cross, I can only echo all the superlatives being attributed to him by both former faculty members and peers ("North Cross community lauds alum who testified," Nov. 20 column by Dan Casey). He was an exceptional student and sterling school citizen, and success in any career he might have chosen was a virtual certainty.

I was also college counselor at the school at that time, and to this day I recall feeling woefully inadequate to write a recommendation for Mark that didn't sound as if I were exaggerating his credentials. In truth, he was his own best spokesperson; and when colleges got to know him during the college application process, they clamored to win him over. When Mark made his decision to attend Davidson, a representative from the Princeton admissions office took me to task for not urging him to choose Princeton. After assuring the representative that making students' college decisions for them was not in my purview, I suppressed a grin as I told him that making wise decisions was just another of Mark's abundant skills.

Mark's parents rightfully have felt great pride in him and their other two children as well. A bonus for us educators is that we, too, can bask in the successes of the students we teach and work with, and simply seeing the names of Mark's friends who have spoken so highly of him reminds me once again that North Cross has much to be proud of in its graduates' accomplishments.



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