I served in the Army as an assault weapon man in a combat ready unit. We had training using live ammo, but when we came in garrison, the weapons were cleaned and locked in a secure place. No one went anywhere until all weapons were accounted for and locked securely away from us.

The purpose of an assault weapon is to overpower the opponent. There is no place for these weapons for civilian use. They are not for hunting or target practice. They are for an assault.

Last week at the Bedford County Board of Supervisors meeting when someone said he owned an assault weapon for protection from the U.S. government, you have to question his sagacity. What would an assault weapon do facing a tank? You cannot own a tank or other heavy weapons. If you own a machine gun it has to be registered. So we do have restrictions on the 2nd Amendment now.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with someone owning a gun to protect their home and to hunt. Making sure it’s safely stored.

I do have concerns with people having guns in bars, restaurants, yes churches and public places. As a former police officer, I have seen first hand death with a gun. Just because someone had a gun and tempers flair.

Let’s use some common sense. We don’t want people driving after drinking - might kill someone. We don’t want people drinking with a gun in public places, might kill your loved one.

A bill passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor is law on the effective date and only becomes unenforceable when a court rules against its constitutionality. The sheriff saying it’s unconstitutional means nothing.



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