For almost three years we've listened to the Democrats and the left-wing media lie about our president colluding with the Russians to sway the outcome of the election.

When will we care though? When will the media go back to being moralistic and truthful? When people stop listening to them? When it starts affecting their pocketbooks and wallets? When the laws of this land start applying to politicians and media?

Things have gone on in Washington that would put you and I under the jail house and or hanging from the gallows. Seriously. Deliberately tampering with the legal system with bogus and fraudulent information so as to sway an election is way against the law. Yet we see these crooks writing books and grinning like a donkey eating briars. As if, "you can't touch me. The laws don't apply to me, they apply to the nobodies, the nothings and the wanna-be-politician."

Ya know? The document starts off with "WE THE PEOPLE". We run this show. WE, THE PEOPLE. Sure we have representatives that we elect but somewhere along the line they think they are better than we are. So much so that they can do whatever they want whether it's legal or not and WE THE PEOPLE just have to sit and live with a genuine Mafia running our government.

We have the right to say whatever we want to a degree. The First Amendment doesn't say however, you have the right to lie on someone or defame someone by lying and coercing the public into thinking something that isn't true. When we can't believe the media anymore, we don't live in a free country. When the judiciary is corrupt and the laws don't apply to them, we don't live in a free country. They put their drawers on just like we do and they flat aren't better than we are. It's time to let em know it.



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