Rapidly moving up my pet peeves list is the unleashed dog running in Fishburn Park. The language of the statute with a picture of a dog on leash with the other end in the walker's hand is quite succinct. I walk the park most days and encounter owners with unleashed dogs nearly half the time. When confronted with the law requirement, some restrain their dog. Others insist their dog is harmless and continue on their way. A few unleash expletives, unpublishable here, often emphasizing their IQ with a middle finger.

Every now and then there's an article about dogs attacking people, even the owners. Whether a dog is innocuous remains immaterial to someone who's been attacked by one. Stating the dog is harmless does not assuage the concern and/or fear the unleashed dog engenders.

Canines want to run. We now have several dog parks in the area for those animals to do just that, as well as socializing with like kind. Please take your unleashed dogs to those locations.



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