This is regarding the Windsor Hills Board of Supervisors election. Excitedly Tuesday I opened an envelope with my voting information after turning 18. My parents taught me to educate myself with facts before elections about which candidate to support. Although my parents are supporting David Radford, I wanted to hear RoxAnne Christley myself. I knew she was speaking at the Republican Women’s meeting that evening at K&W Tanglewood, so I went by to hear her.

She commented the current administrator thinks “storage units were economic growth.” The problem with her thinking is the area needs the tax revenue from businesses, like storage units, to pay the bonds that were used to help develop South Peak. There is no margin for additional expansion at South Peak if no other businesses come in. As someone running for office, she should know that any businesses or tax money is positive growth. Other businesses, like restaurants, can still move into the area.

Concerning for someone graduating from Cave Spring High School and Burton Center for Arts & Technology the following day, she said “Burton is not really that large, it’s not very much of a span of ideas. . . kids should be getting their high school diploma and going to work, rather than putting themselves in debt for college, not knowing what they want to do.” Burton is an incredible school with over 24 programs. Applicants test in to attend a program there and courses teach and equip students for the workforce and further education. I loved my four years there and many graduates are hired to work straight out of Burton.

She stated her opponent was not a “real Republican.”

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the evening was her stopping her speech mid-sentence to confront someone sitting outside the room and rudely and loudly said “Are you recording me? I don’t want to be recorded.” This made me feel uncomfortable and intimidated. That behavior is not appropriate for an elected leader.

After watching her that evening, I cannot imagine her capable to work with business owners and residents in Windsor Hills. My first vote ever will be for David Radford.



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