It was pointed out in William Limpert's letter on July 1 ("MVP should be accountable") that the $266,000 settlement between West Virginia and MVP was less than 0.006% of the project cost and that ignoring the environmental requirements and just paying the settlement may have been the cheapest way for MVP to go. But this line of thought misses the point. When you condemn land, it doesn't mean that the price is related to how much you spent taking it. When MVP takes our clean water and the safe habitability of our property and suppresses our economy, they owe us for that. These things were not for sale, they belong to us, and MVP cannot just compensate us with some wampum and spare change.

MVP and FERC bypassed the rules of law and the requirements for taking our property from the very beginning. They took the trees, cut up the land and bought the pipe, exposing it to the sun, without viable permits. Now the coating is turning to toxic powder and mud continues to run into our water supplies. To cut up the land and lay out the pipes and then ask for variances shows total disrespect for the rule of law. If the final permits are never issued, it is MVP's responsibility to clean up the mess they have made, get the pipes and toxic coating out of the ground, rehab what can be rehabbed and to pay for the full value of what cannot. Bankruptcy should not be an option. The stockholders took the chance on making money and they should pay if the bully techniques of their venture fail.

The exception of course is if they poison our water supply. There is not enough money to pay for that.



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