Once again the Mountain Valley Pipeline wastes time and money going to court to try to convince a judge to give them permission to remove the tree-sitters.

Currently the MVP doesn’t have the permit to cross waterways and the stream where the tree-sitters are located is not a viable place to bore under. The MVP also doesn’t have the ability to cross the Appalachian Trail or build through the forest.

The MVP’s breakneck pace of construction is putting their workers at risk by not adhering to OSHA’s safety guidelines while choking our waterways with sediment because they didn’t take the time or money to install adequate erosion controls.

The tree-sitters are “positioned in such a way that any attempt to cut the trees - some of the last still standing along the pipeline’s 303 mile route through the two Virginias - could result in a life-threatening incident.” (Roanoke Times Aug. 8 article)

MVP, your lack of planning is not our emergency. Don’t blame some passionate, dedicated people sitting in trees for being behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget. Stop wasting our law enforcement and court time with your whining.

MVP, you are the definition of pathetic and it would be a tragedy to put people’s lives at risk for your foolishness.



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