While I very much enjoyed the August 1 political cartoon in The Roanoke Times, I wish the subject, "Moscow Mitch" had received a more serious treatment elsewhere in the paper.

The only way Senator McConnell's refusal to act can be justified is to remember that presidential elections are coming up and that the president is determined to win. During his first election he said that he would concede defeat only if he won. Should he lose his bid to be reelected he will certainly adopt the same attitude: he would contest the results, demand recounts and recounts to recounts, in short tie up the elections in courts for months, if not years. The Speaker of the House has warned us or has tried to and I believe her.

Now elections conducted on voting machines that leave a credible paper trail or on other credible and secure technology would be much more difficult to contest hence Moscow Mitch's refusal to vote on funding for same. Of course, during the present president's tenure, Moscow Mitch can continue his lifetime project of taking the judiciary further to the right and, last but perhaps not least, his wife can keep her job.



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