An open letter to the Honorable Morgan Griffith:

There are three things that are part of your reputation in District 9. One, you are a Christian. Two, you are a family man. And thirdly, you are a lover of history. Sir, I am appealing to your Christianity and your sense of family, in regards to the humanitarian crisis at our southern border. I heard that flu shots will not be offered the immigrants. In the overcrowded conditions in which we are holding asylum seekers, one case of the flu could spread rapidly and possibly cause huge loss of life.

Also, children are being held in cages. Are we not in danger of repeating our mistakes (Japanese internment camps) or worse Nazi Germany's abhorrent policies? And today the president announced his intention to detain people indefinitely. This is exactly what happened to Jews and other people deemed expendable by Hitler.

As a Republican in a very safe district, you are uniquely qualified to call out these horrible policies put in place by the president via Stephen Miller. Your seat is safe, so I beg you to use your power to help the asylum seekers and publicly demand more humane treatment of them.



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