Did anyone else catch the dissonance between these two headlines in the Jan. 24 Roanoke Times?

• “Tourism expanding as economic driver”

• “Water regulations drained by Trump”

At the same time Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge President Landon Howard was attributing the region’s record-breaking growth in hotel revenue and demand in part to more sports-related events (our region’s sports-related events include fishing, canoeing and kayaking on the and kayaking on the James, Roanoke and New rivers), President Trumps was ending federal protection of millions of miles of streams, leaving them vulnerable to pollution, arguing that those “ridiculous” environmental and public health-protecting regulations “imposed unnecessary burdens on business.”

As the spokesperson for the Center for Biological diversity quoted in the first article stated, these gutted anti-pollution regulations are “a sickening gift to polluters” and “one of Trump’s ugliest legacies.”



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